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Full report 
Land Securities Annual Report 2008PDF (4212 KB) 
Report to the directors 
All you need to knowPDF (78 KB) 
Performance overviewPDF (243 KB) 
Chairmans messagePDF (106 KB) 
CEO reportPDF (192 KB) 
Financial reviewPDF (297 KB) 
Business reviewPDF (170 KB) 
Retail PortfolioPDF (598 KB) 
London PortfolioPDF (747 KB) 
Land Securities TrilliumPDF (493 KB) 
Corporate responsibilityPDF (171 KB) 
KPIsPDF (57 KB) 
Board of DirectorsPDF (344 KB) 
Corporate governancePDF (80 KB) 
Remuneration reportPDF (143 KB) 
GlossaryPDF (63 KB) 
Financial statements 
Directors statement of reponsibilitiesPDF (38 KB) 
Independent auditors reportPDF (52 KB) 
Income statementPDF (43 KB) 
Notes to the Income statementPDF (144 KB) 
Statement of recognised income and expensePDF (43 KB) 
Balance sheetPDF (41 KB) 
Notes to the Balance sheetsPDF (223 KB) 
Cashflow statementPDF (40 KB) 
Notes to the Cashflow statementPDF (90 KB) 
Notes to the financial statementsPDF (329 KB) 
Income statementXLS (25 KB) 
Balance sheetXLS (28 KB) 
CashflowXLS (26 KB) 
Investor information 
Investor informationPDF (46 KB) 
The benefits of demergerPDF (57 KB) 
Five year summaryPDF (44 KB) 
Business analysisPDF (172 KB) 
Additonal informationPDF (175 KB) 
Corporate Responsibility report 
Land Securities Corporate Responsibility Report 2008PDF (5740 KB)